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Download Section

This is the download section of Stetlenfork. This section is almost never updated, once a year. At the time we are recording our newest EP-Album. This EP-album will be released in Summer 2005. The track listing is found here:

  1. Moon and Me
  2. Cities Beyhond the Bridge
  3. Daydreamer
  4. Country Love Song
  5. Never Walk Barefoot in Belgium
  6. Hazy Dreams
  7. House


Some early versions of songs are already available for download. These songs were recorded on a live session in Kalmus, Luxembourg in december 2003. With the help of two additional musicians Tom on guitar and Philippe on bass. Thank You Guys!! We love You...

The songs are available as MP3. To download the songs right-click and select save as...If download does not occure please try later again. Our download bandwidth is limited by the hour.

Moon and Me Never Walk Barefoot in Belgium
Hards Night Morning