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History of Stetlenfork

The beginning

First three guys decided to study in Fribourg,Switzerland. The city is an idilic town next to Bern. Then it took 3 years until they decided to form a Band. The greatest problem was that only one of them played an Instrument. So everybody learned to play Guitar, until we noticed something was missing for a band. So we randomly choosed a drummer and a singer.

The Name of the Band

Now that every element for a band was defined, we needed a name for a Band. It was the time when plenty of 'The ...' bands come out(The strokes, The cooper temple clause, the hives, the rolling stones, the beatles, the the...) So we tried to avoid to jump onto that commercial thing. So we set together a whole night, with some beer and looked for that damned name. The first thoughts were rejected like (Pidiot, Tinitwo, Want some Beer man?, Billy's Gang,...) We had lots of propositions, but none were good enough for our band. Than we fixed upon Fork, why we don't know exactly perhaps because of fork is close to fock?? Well then we really fast came to StetlenFork.

What does this name mean?

Well this question is always asked at our gigs. The answer is quite complicated, but in short the name Stetlenfork stands for: First rock music, secondly we have nothing to do with politics except we are politically incorrect, at third place we have nothing to do with religion. So we just can say what the name does not stand for.

What kind of music do you like?

Of course, this is our favourite question. Well right now we prefer country rock music, it seems.(Bonnie prince Billy, Giant sand, Calexico, Songs: Ohia, Neil Young, Little Wings,...) But some godd oldies always come very easy(Pavement, Stones, Led Zeppelin,...) And if you ever want to discuss music leas contact us.


What kind of music do you play?

Some say our music style has not yet been defined. But it should be between rock and country, that's what we think or want to think, but check out our songs you can get at the download section.

Will you ever put your lyrics online?


Will you ever go out?


Do you have girlfriends?

Only the Singer (Georges) does not have a girlfriend. The two others both love their girlfriend deeply.

Can you swim?

Yes we all can.

Is it true that the Singer will soon leave the band?

Yes, in dead, I don't know where you got it, but Georges is tired of the band, so he will leave Fribourg in Autumn 2005.

Will Stetlenfork die?

No Pitt and Thierry will continue, perhaps with an additional Musician.