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Members of Stetlenfork

Georges(Singer, Guitar)

Georges is one of the original founers of Stetlenfork. He really likes when StetlenFork is written with a capital 'F'. He is the magical Songwriter. Perhaps the lack of a girlfiend produces some enourmous creative energy.(I think this sentence we soon have to be removed)

Pitt(Guitar, Background Dancing)

Most people only know him as 'Pitt', but in the underground world of Fribourg he is only know as 'the fast hand'. He really is the creative head of Stetlenfork. His genius hand plays guitar like the world has not seen much of it. He always try to write songs, but most of them are too commercial pop.

Thierry(Drums, Managing)

Okay, he is the drummer because he had too. If there are some things to manage, he manages them easily. The record companies stuff, planning gigs and and and... All these things come down to him. There is nothing more to say about him.

Some additional musicians helped Stetlenfork in the recent past. So we want to thank them in this place again. As a thank we post their fotos on the Stetlenfork webpage. Thank you guys....but got no other pictures of you


Tom on Guitar
Philippe on Bass